Romane Iskaria is a French visual artist photographer who works and lives in Brussels BE.
In residency for 2022/2023 in Carrefour des Arts Foundation, Brussels, BE.
Romane it’s available for orders and collaborations.

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Romane Iskaria is a French photographer and visual artist based in Brussels. Her approach to photography is both documentary and fictional. She works on long term photographic investigations, in order to bring to light the voices of forgotten people and tell their stories. Her artistic work is mainly based on the quest for origins in relation to a lost territory. Romane collects memories and evokes the imaginary through photography, video, text and sound to create installations of collective memory. Romane was born in La Ciotat, France in 1997. At the age of 18, she entered the School of Fine Arts of Marseille (ESADMM) from which she graduated in 2018 with a DNA with honors. Afterwards, she completed an international exchange program at the University of Laval's School of Visual Arts in Quebec City, Canada. She continues her studies in Master of Photography at ENSAV La Cambre in Brussels, Belgium where she will graduate in 2022.

Her work has been shown in group and solo exhibitions in France and internationally : Cent-Quatre in Paris, Arles France, Art-Brussel-off, Washington D-C USA, French Consulate in Armenia, Hangar Art Center in Brussels, Tick-Tack gallery in Antwerp. His work has recently been published in Polka-Magazine, Fisheye, Art Viewer, Scandale Project. Romane was selected for the Polka Magazine & Kickstarter call for projects for the creation and support of an artist's book for Assyrians, which is also a winner of the Belgian Photo Books selection that was shown at Rencontres d'Arles in France in July 2022.


2022 MFA in Photography, ENSAV La Cambre, Brussels, BE.
2020 BA in Photography, ENSAV La Cambre, Brussels, BE.  
2019 Erasmus University U-Laval Arts visuels, Québec, CA.        
2018 DNA National Diploma of Plastic Art, with congratulations of the juries, INSEAMM (Marseille National School of Fine Arts), Marseille, FR.


Festival Circulation(s), Outside the walls in front of the French Embassy in Armenia - Erevan, Armenia - Avril / Mai 2022.
Santa Rita, Brésil - Le Mouguy, Marseille FR - Mai / Juin, 2019.
Santa Rita, Brésil - Mini Mécénat - Le Trait d’Union - Marseille FR - Juin / Juillet, 2019.


Akitu, Diaspora In Bloom, Galerie ART-ARK - San José USA - Mars / Avril 2023. 
Art Au Centre - Liège BE - Février / Avril 2023.
Prix Médiatine : 40 years - Center Wolubilis - Brussels BE - Janvier / Mars 2023.
Frictions - BPS22 - Charleroi BE - juin 2022.
Assyrian Film in diaspora, Diaspora in Bloom - Assyrian Policy Institute - Washington D.C USA - Juin 2022.
Familie Foto’s - La Nombreuse - Bruxelles BE -  Mai / Juin 2022.
Un grand amour suffit - Art Brussels Off - FACE-B Gallery -Brussels BE - Curated by Open-Art Today and Valentine Himpsens David - Avril / Mai 2022.
Festival Circulation(s) - CENT-QUATRE - Paris FR - Curated by Fêtard collective - Mars / mai 2022.
Tell Me Louder - Supported by Hisk and Kanal Centre Pompidou - Brussels BE - Curated by Marion Adrian and Peter Vermeulen - Mars 2022.
Festival Léa, Henry, Chris et les autres - La Grande Vitrine Gallery - Arles FR - Février / Mars 2022.
Traces Migratoire - Asmae association - TriPostal - Brussels BE - Novembre 2021.
The Makeable Mind - Noordelisht Internationaal Fotofestival - Groningen NE - Août / Novembre 2021.
S’exposer - Hangar Art Photo Center - Brussels BE - Juin 2021.
Third Place Or What? - Galerie TICK-TACK - Anvers BE - Avril / Mai 2021.
Des Corps - La Cave collectif -Brussels BE - Février / Mars 2020.
At-Work - HLM Gallery - Photography Center - Marseille FR - Juin 2018.


2023. Prix Médiatine : les 40 ans. Sélectionnée par La TAMAT Tournai (Musée des arts textiles et de la tapisserie).
2022. Belgium Photobook Award, lauréat pour le livre Assyrians - Belgique - Mai 2022.
2021. Laureate of the Polka Magazine & Kickstarter call for projects : creation and support of an artist's book for Assyrians, FR.
2021. Grant Fondation Roi Baudouin BE.
2021. Finaliste Prix Mentor Freelens, session de Paris pour Assyrians, FR.
2020. Poznan Art Prize 2nde prize for the series Les Confins, Pologne. 
2019. PACA Crous student photo competition 2nd prize, for the series Manifestants, FR.


2022 - 2023 Résidence de recherche artistique Fondation Carrefour des Arts pour l’année 2022-2023, Brussels BE.


2022 Assyrians, self published, design and conception Camille Carbonaro (MacaroniBook).


9 lives magazine - Assyrians, mémoire d’un génocide par Romane Iskaria - FR - Novembre 2022.
Réponses Photos - Réponses livres - Assyrians - FR - Octobre 2022.

L’intervalle Blog - Fabien Ribery critique - Assyrie le chant de l’exil - FR - Juillet 2022.
Ectomie Patriarcale - Xeno Exhibitions - Bruxelles - BE - Juin 2022.
Art Visions - Festival Circulation - Festival Circulation(s) - Catalogue - FR - Mai 2022.
Assyria TV - Interview avec la Fédération Assyrienne de France pour le lancement du crowdfunding du livre Assyrians - Novembre 2021.
Polka Magazine - Editez votre premier livre photo ! Les lauréats de l’appel à projets Kickstarter x Polka - FR - Septembre 2021
Photophiles - Photographes du mois - FR - Septembre 2021.
Scandale Project - Third place or what? galerie TICK-TACK - Anvers BE - Avril 2021.
Art Viewer - Third place or what?  galerie TICK-TACK - Anvers BE - Mai 2021.
Fisheye le mag - Coup de coeur pour Sceneggiatta - FR - Mai 2020.
Brownie Photo - Chronique d’un printemps pour Les Confins - BE - Avril 2020.
La Zone - Revue numéro 3 - Utopies-Distopies - pour 9m2 - Marseille FR - Février 2020.

Exhibition view, Assyrians, Hangar Art Photo Center, Brussels, BE, june 2021.

Exhibition view, Le pays disparu, Tick-Tack gallery, Antwerp, BE, april 2021.