In Assyrians I speak first of all of my family history, that of my grandfather who fled from the lands of an Iranian Assyrian village called Mawana, to come to France in Marseille. This work is composed by a collection of testimonies of Assyrians met between France and Belgium. These individuals, of different ages, are immigrants or children of immigrants. I wanted to gather a panel of portraits in order to tell a common story. In this project I question many notions such as exile and attachment to our origins. These people have fled their country, what traces, what memories do they keep of these lands? How to rebuild themselves elsewhere? Are they assimilated in the country where they are? How can they keep their culture and language alive? In my process I approach the subject of the creation of a collective memory. Here are mixed: photographs, archival documents, texts from testimonies, photographs of objects belonging to the Assyrians. In order to reproduce the selective, unconscious and combinatorial process of memory. Through my images I also use fiction to evoke the impalpable border that exists in the mind of this community, torn between here and there. My objective with this project is also to promote the visibility of this ancient community from the East, I want to tell the stories of this forgotten community, and speak of a quest for our origins, present in each of us.

Photographic prints on Lambda print, framed archival images, transfer prints on wood plates. Brussels - Marseille. 2021 - 2022.

Portrait Festival Circulation(s) Cent-Quatre Paris 2022
Finaliste for the Mentor Prize Paris session 2021