Photographer - Visual Artist


We drive. Direction the comunidade of Roger, that of the bottom, Bacho Roger. We penetrate inside. On the left, a big garbage dump, it is the center of sorting. The people of the community collect waste in exchange of some reais. We park. The sun is beating down. On the right, the laundry dries thanks to the light air current. The weary bodies take place in front of the houses. They look at us. That goes. Cars without license plates. It comes. The chickens, the dogs. It shouts. It laughs loudly. Barefoot children. The sound, at full blast, escapes from some houses, it is Brazilian funk, the popular music of the neighborhoods. Shutters and doors closed, they are the houses of the drug dealers. I am told to put my camera away. The sounds mix and muddle. João Pessoa, Nord-Este, Brazil. 2019

2019 Gallery HLM Photography Center : AT-WORK, groupshow, Marseille FR