Photographer - Visual Artist


For the community of Malkie (North East Syria), "Jaré" is an emotional memory. In the country, during the nights of great heat, Assyrian families used to sleep on the roofs of their houses in a large bed that they built all together. Their gestures are almost choreographed, reminiscent of a ritual. The video installation "Jaré" reactivates this memory belonging to the collective memory of this community, idealizing a disappeared land, which does not really belong to them. This installation is accompanied by an immersive sound piece mixing testimonies of Assyrians in the form of snippets superimposed on the sounds of the environment that they could hear from the bed.
Video installation: projection and two satellite screens.
Sculpture installation: carpets, sheets, fabrics, blankets, cushions.
Film in french with english subtitles
22 minutes
Directed in collaboration with Ghazel Aziz, architect.
With: Diana Isaac, Jerjis Isaac, Gabriel and Natali Korkis
Sound: Romane Iskaria with the help of Maxime Pichont, Thibault Dupont.

Exhibiton view, Jaré, NICCx25 show, S.M.A.K museum, 190x126 cm and two films screens, Gent Belgium 2023

Exhibition view, Jaré, Frictions, BPS22 Museum, Charleroi, Belgium, June 2022

Exhibition view, Jaré, Mediatine Prize 2023 : 40 years, Wolubilis Center, Brussels, Belgium, February 2023

Exhibition view, Jaré, Tell Me Louder HISK Gosset, Brussels, Belgium 2022