Photographer - Visual Artist


Iskaria. My family name. A part of my origins. Early on my family explained it to me, "Your name comes from a lost land. This land was between Iran, Iraq and Turkey." I have been told this story many times, but until the year 2019 I had never seen any images of this region where I come from, I only had the imagination I have of it. So I decided to undertake a research on these communities having lived in these villages, they are called Assyrians. Indeed, the Assyrian community has lived a continuous and almost forgotten drama going back to 1915. That of the dismantling of the Ottoman Empire, causing important territorial conflicts. A pivotal period accompanied by violence that continues to this day. Little by little the Assyrians fled to Iraq and then to Syria. Today, their exodus is no longer limited to the Middle East. Some have emigrated to Europe, America and even Australia. This work therefore questions my origins, but also in a more collective way, the disappearance of a country, its people, its culture to be substituted by another.

The Lake, wallpaper installation, 2,50m x 3,50m composed of 35 images.  

Assyrians, three triptychs print on glass plates, 29,7 cm x 42 cm, 2021

Exhibition view, Le Pays Disparu, The Lake, exhibition Third Place or What? at Tick-Tack Gallery, Antwerp (Belgium), 2021

Exhibition view, Le Pays Disparu, Assyrians, exhibition Third Place or What? at Tick-Tack Gallery, Antwerp (Belgium), 2021

Other landscapes, Le pays disparu, drawings and photography, 2020