These images were taken by artist Romane Iskaria when she was in southeastern Turkey on the border with Syria. Through the car window, Romane observed this area that Daesh forces used every day a few years ago, a sensitive transit route marked by numerous territorial conflicts. With these images taken on the fly, Romane questions these zones of non-place and surveillance between two countries. The materiality of the plaster support chosen by the artist evokes ruin but also the reconstruction of a dismantled, damaged, injured territory. By transgressing the codes of documentary, particularly through the blurring of images, Romane blurs the lines but nevertheless invites us to question the notions of borders, territory and belonging to one community.

Photographs on plaster, unique pieces
30 p/ 34x23cm

2023 BEYOND Carrefour des Arts Foundation, end of the Residency, Brussels BE

Photographs on plaster, 30 /p 34x23 cm, BEYOND exhibition, Foundation Carrefour des Arts, Brussels BE, 2023